About Kyle

My name is Kyle Jenkins and I am a father of two beautiful girls, husband to an inspiring woman and a Christian who truly believes in the power and love of God in us all. God’s influence in my life has been profound and the journey he has taken me on has been difficult at times, but my faith in His power is unquestionable.

My mission is to glorify God and the sacrifice He made for humanity. The best way I know how is to try and love people the way Jesus loves us and to use my photography to showcase the beauty in this world that He gifted us. My passion  is landscape photography and showcasing the beauty in the simplicity of life. 

I love to travel, spend time with my girls and frequently carry my camera with me for spontaneous shots. I love music and always have headphones on while shooting. My favourite movies are: The Dark Knight Rises, Gladiator and Titanic. Yep, I love the epic ones! Like the rest of the world I love Game of Thrones!

I’m a huge coffee lover and always looking for an excuse for some coffee!

I’m also very proudly a member of Ascend Studios in Sydney.

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